Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Red / Rot

Neha Saraswat, 30, Product designer (industrial designer), experience designer, Mumbai

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  1. here is a loose translation of the poem...

    held in the form of nectar and vital fluid
    digressed in nectar and vital fluid
    swiftly it comes and engulfs
    fast it turns in to a fire
    it is the warmth of the side towards the fire
    it is the freezing other side
    it is the shine and it is the anger
    it is the royal instinct and it is also the sexual instinct
    Impatient it is yet it is sure
    hey it is
    ready but not at ease (without worry)
    it is in the mother's care (as Indian women call their son lal or red)
    when it is hidden under fabric layers its hiding (people in India used
    to wear a layered cloth piece to hide ruby when on transit)
    yes it is red
    thats is red... red it is