Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is RED for you?

I bought myself a wonderful Moleskine Daily Planner for the year 2010. Starting with January 1, 2010 I want to post one page of the planner daily.
If you have any spontaneous ideas concerning the color RED, please write (in your native language*), draw, sketch, glue your thoughts on a piece of paper - smaller than 3.5 x 5.5 inches (9 x 14 cm) portrait format). It shouldn´t be anything complicated and you do not need to spend more than 5-10 minutes on it (and maybe postage for one letter**).

I had the idea for this project after watching the following movie:

It would be great if you want to join in on the project. To send me your piece of paper (optionally with your name, (age), link to blog/website, occupation, city) leave a short message and I´ll give you my address.

* If your native language isn´t English a short translation for me would be great. :)
** In case you do not want to spend on postage, you can also scan your piece of paper and I´ll have it printed online as a photograph. Or you can send text in an email and I´ll print it out myself.


  1. Sent you an email and am posting a link!

  2. I will send you something soon! :)

  3. Hi Debra and Samatha, thanks for joining in. I really hope to get 365 people to fill all the pages. And I´m glad that you are joining (as artists I really like)

  4. The video is brilliant I really love the idea, thanks for sharing! :)
    I`ll send my stuff to you soon.

    I bought myself the same planner last year too, the book was totally nice but I should have bought the larger one, the pocket sized moly was too small to really draw something or make collages on the paper...

  5. what a cool idea! I'll send you something "red" ;-)

  6. Marina and Joyce, can´t wait to see your red ideas! :)

  7. I'm trying to think of something "red". I really like the idea!

  8. Annika, that would be great. Specially in your native language. That would be really cool.

  9. i got your comment/message at my flickr.
    So how can i submit my art? do i have to write sumthing too? or it's just the art?


  10. You found my Thai Chili on Flickr. I'd love to add that to your blog. How do I do that?

    You might also consider following me at:

    Thank you, Ray Laskowitz (Goodpix 2008)

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  12. Hi Ray and arievianza, sorry that I´m late in replying. :) DId I send you an Email in January with the details?

    arievianza: it is up to you. anything goes. Some just send in a pic, Some just write down a word and some write hugs texts. :)

  13. Hi Kerstin, I am in.
    Post details to
    The system did not accept my WP account that why anonymous. will do just as well.

  14. Hi there, thanks for your message. The project was from 2010 and is over now. I´ll be continuing on my last project (which had to be interrupted due to various reasons), as I have got a little more time now and would love to have you (and maybe your blog followers ;) ) join in that one: